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Ambrosiedies and the Guardian of the Guitar from Hell

The Ambrosiedies and the Guardian of the Guitar from Hell project began in 1985 when Mike Alvarez started experimenting writing material by recording drum tracks first.  The first of three tracks Ambrosiedies recorded was "Hymn for Morella".  Hymn for Morella is the Edgar Allan Poe poem written after the passing of Poe's wife Morella.  Alvarez gave drummer Mike Jensen a tempo with some basic points of crescendo.  Alvarez recorded three tracks of electric guitar, with all the chord changes simply the E chord in several variations.  "I gave Charles (Gunning) an open book of Poe's poems.  I opened the book and Hymn for Morella was there so we recorded Charles reciting the poem".


Edgar Allan Poe

Ambrosiedies eventually yielded three songs, adding Andromeda Woman and Lady's From Hades.  All three songs come with short stories accompanied by the soundtrack of the songs.   Alvarez and Gunning conjured a plot:  that Ambrosiedies (Gunning) was an angel and recruited Mike Check (Alvarez) after Check had passed away - to become a guardian of the heavens.   Check was crowned The Guardian of the Guitar From Hell - as Ambrosiedies handed The Guitar From Hell to Check, as it would be his weapon to fight away demons in the Angels' quest to rid time and space of evil.



Charles Gunning on voice,

Mike Alvarez on guitars,

Mike Jensen on drums.

Hymn For Morella

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Music by Mike Alvarez.  Words by Edgar Allen Poe

Music ©Not Records Tapes (ASCAP)



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