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Left to Right:  Jon Howard, Max Gottlieb, Karl Remstem, Lisa Gamache, Mike Alvarez.

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Earth and Sky Session (1981)

Produced by Patrick Keel

1.  Day In Day Out (M. Alvarez, M. Gottlieb, L. Gamache) 1:44

2.  60 Minute Man (Alvarez, Gottlieb, Gamache) 3:08

3.  Trouble (M. Gottlieb) 2:51

4.  Zerox (J. Howard) 2:20

5.  Poland (M. Gottlieb) 1:48

The Third Coast Recording Sessions (1982)

Produced by Max and the Makeups

1.    Zerox (J. Howard)

2.    Day In Day Out (M. Alvarez, L. Gamache, M. Gottlieb)

3.    Inside Out (M. Gottlieb, K. Remstam)

4.    The Makeup Song (M. Alvarez, L. Gamache, M. Gottlieb)

5.    Let Go (M. Gottlieb)

6.    Soul Food (M. Alvarez, L. Gamache, M. Gottlieb)

7.    Hooray (M. Gottlieb, L. Gamache)

8.    Trouble (M. Gottlieb)

9.    The Touch (M. Alvarez, L. Gamache)

10.  Poland (M. Gottlieb)

The Lone Star Studios Sessions (1983)

Produced by Max and the Makeups

1.  All Day All Night (M. Alvarez)

2.  Chasing the Monster (L. Seaman)

3.  Lay Lady Lay (B. Dylan)

4.  Flight (J. Howard, L. Gamache)

5.  Sleaze Ball (M. Alvarez)

6.  Stardumb (M. Alvarez, L. Gamache)

7.  Drink It Up (M. Alvarez, L. Gamache)

8.  Soul Food (M. Alvarez, L. Gamache)

9.  Lost (M. Alvarez)


Max and the Makeups at Austin's Club Foot circa 1982.  (l) Karl Remstam, (c) Lisa Gamache, (r) Mike Alvarez








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