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Deniz Tiziana Eigen

        Deniz on Santa Monica Beach, CA (2018)                 Photo by Mike Alvarez

Deniz Tiziana Eigen is a driven and charismatic young woman from Hamburg who traveled to Los Angeles on her own, to share her music with the world.

She was the first-born child of her parents. Her mother was born in New York and raised in Germany. Her German father is a music teacher and leader of the local school chorus. Deniz Tiziana was exposed at an early age to music (family, piano and guitar).

Before she was able to talk fluently, she already sang along to songs. As soon as she knew writing, she started writing short stories and poems in her leisure time.

In 2014, she taught herself how to play guitar and to sing along with cover songs. Two years later, she started writing original material, inspired by life, love and travels.

After her undergraduate studies, Deniz went on to complete her master's degree in social economics in 2018. After she finished her graduate studies, she decided to continue her life as a musician.

As a first step, she took a trip to Los Angeles on her own, where she played open mics, launching the live performance of her original songs. After one week in L.A., Deniz was booked for a 30-minute performance at the Pig N Whistle in Hollywood, California on Hollywood Boulevard, where she met producer/musician Mike Alvarez of Not Records Tapes, also performing at the Pig that night. Alvarez offered Deniz creative support while she was in L.A. and set up a demo audio recording session on the Santa Monica Beach at Tower 26.

In the future Deniz wants to continue traveling as a musician and share music with the world.



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