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          Mike Alvarez - Fullerton, CA 2010.  Max and the Makeups promo

          tour for self titled EP.  Photo by Lea Schiller

     Producer/Musician Mike Alvarez formed Not Records Tapes music recording company in Austin Texas in 1984.  Before moving to Los Angeles in 1988 to expand his work in music, film and television, he produced the likes of Haunted Garage, Daniel Johnston, Roky Erickson, The True Believers with Alejandro Escovedo, Texacala Jones, Hindustani music masters Swapan Chaudhuri and Stephen Slawek, and many other influential, independent and amazing artists. Not Records Tapes serves as a music publishing company for several artists.

Not Records Tapes is the producer of the legendary Woodshock Music Festivals in Dripping Springs Texas from 1983 through 1985 and at the Daughteres of the Confeceracy ranch in 1986 (Go figure - they didn't know punks were coming).  See Michael Corcoran's "Woodshock 85', the firth of Grunge"

Not Records Tapes is the founding company of NRT Entertainment Group (NRTEG), which includes film production and finance.


Alvarez has been a professional musician since 1970, beginning in high school as a guitarist for the Mc Allen, Texas rock group Medusa ("Medusa Seduces" was our slogan) 

In 1981, Alvarez joined Austin's Max and the Makeups and has been an independent music producer, singer-songwriter-guitarist, and entertainment entrepreneur ever since.


Events and New Releases



The music publishing mission will take the title "HIT".  On a regular basis, we will send out music notices about our specific songs, by our artists and associates artists.   To those who might agree - we have hits here in our talent base.  Give it a look (click "click here" below)

NRT Presents Several Music Artists to Music Publishers Around the World




Coming in 2024

Daniel Johnston Works Produced by Not Records Tapes

                                                        Poster by Daniel Johnston

The Woodsock 85' double LP will be uploaded to Not Records Tapes.  Daniel Johnston, The Offenders, Moto-x and over a dozen more great performances.  Free!

                                                          Cover Art by Jukebox


Demon Angel - A Day and Night with Roky Erickson

The 1985 performance by rock icon, the late Roky Erickson.  This version is the updated version Not Records Tapes released in 1985.

More Information to Come!



Jeff Beck Passes


2022 brings changes to Not Records Tapes.  Most all releases are being digitized currently. No items will be sold at this site.  Puke N Vomit and Discogs have most releases by NRT and we will guide you to these sites. Free listening and downloads will still be available at this site.


In 2022, we will pray for peace and see the rebuilding of Ukraine.


                                                             July 5, 2022

Mike Alvarez 2005 LP Release “2324” Now Available on Spotify 2D Version of Original 3D Documentary Now Available on Youtube

The 2005 LP “2324” by Mike Alvarez is now available on Spotify, YouTube , and all other major digital outlets.

Mike Alvarez (Mike Alvarez, Roky Erickson , Max and the Makeups , Head Shop ) and friends managed to write and record 10 songs in one weekend, the weekend of April 23 and 24, the weekend before Alvarez's 50 th birthday on April 27th 2005. The project was filmed in 3D by award winning 3D filmmaker Tom Koester

Friends include Jonie Hell ( Max and the Makeups , Junkyard, Haunted Garage , Bushwhackers), Bruce Hughes (Bruce Hughes, The Crazy World of Arthur Brown, Poi Dog Pondering, Ugly Americans, The Resentments), folk legacy Larry Smith ( Vietnam USO Tours , New Christy Minstrels ), Matt Jansky ( Clothes Pins , Mike Alvarez, Head Shop ), Bill Dumas (Blond Furniture, Head Shop) Suki Fujioka, Bill Rehn , John Lusitana, Marc Sabatini and poetry by musician poet Ken Jones .  Cover photo by animation wizard Kevin Altieri

You can view the entire documentary by clicking here on YouTube

Testing new songs live at The Rainbow Club, Los Angeles, CA during the 3-D filming of 2324 (2005).  (L-R) Matt Jansky, Mike Alvarez, Tom Koester.

The film follows Mike and long time musician friends through the song creation process that weekend, and beyond.  As such, it is a timely piece of pop music recording history. 

The film examines Mike's musical past, his inspirations, life choices, and the nature of the Underground as a Cultural force.

It is one of Tom Koester's many 3D documentaries on the arts, and a new 3-D version is being edited for the 3-D film community now. Other Koester works include award winning short films on the Watts Towers, Frank Lloyd Wright's Ennis House, and the late Los Angeles artist James Barret.  Tom has also directed over 15 Jazz and Blues performances shot in Chicago locations for Delmark Records Chicago IL.






               ED WARD PASSES

The most important music critic, historian, in our circles is Ed Ward.  Always a supporter of Not Records Tapes, Ed authored several books on The History of Rock and Roll. A task only Ed could carry.



Mike Alvarez and The Cricket Eaters

Live in Los Angeles, 1988.

Mastered and in the works. 

Click For Details



Good God.  2020 is over and my, what a different world we are in - again.  And we'll get over it and move forward.





         We lost our brother Roky Erickson May 31, 2019




Mike Alvarez Tambourine Plays The Pig n Whistle, Saturday June 08, 2019


Mike Alvarez Tambourine is Mike Alvarez guitar vocals, , Matt Jansky guitar vocals, Bill Dumas drums vocals, and Tambouriner Larry Smith. Ensemble will perform at the Pig n Whistle Saturday June 8 at 9:30pm. Opening the 9:30 set will be Scott Volatile, punk out of San Diego, on acoustic guitar and vocal.


All Ages. Parking: Baptist Church parking lot at 6682 Selma, Hollywood, CA. Other public parking lots available at same location. Street parking where available and Hollywood-Highland parking near.


Pig N Whistle, 6714 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood CA 90028 (323) 463-0000.


Danny Kirwan Tribute at Pig n Whistle, Saturday Aug 25, 2018 9PM


Not Records Tapes' head Mike Alvarez, Matt Jansky, John Lusitana will perform a set of Danny Kirwan songs at the Pig n Whistle Saturday August 25 th at 9pm. Danny passed in June of pneumonia complications.


Danny Kirwan was a member of the early, blues Fleetwood Mac from the late 60s to the early 70s. Kirwan was instrumental in helping shape the sound that led to the major commercial success the group found in the late 70s. His influence has been much understated. See: Adam Sweeting Obituary




All Ages. Great food and prices. $5 at the door if you say “Danny Kirwan” (otherwise $10). Parking: Street and Hollywood/Highland parking structure near. Also, public parking lots available one block south of the Pig N Whistle , 6714 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood CA 90028 (323) 463-0000.


New Mike Alvarez Single

"Big and Small"



  "Big and Small" (single) 2018    (ASCAP)

Mike Alvarez: Electric guitars, vocals.

Matt Jansky: Wah Wah guitar on "Big

and Small". 

John Lusitana:  Bass Guitar on

"Big and Small" and "I'm Gonna

Send My Love In" (Bonus Track).

Cover by Mike Alvarez - using

the discontinued color dandelion

after hearing the color was no longer used by Crayola.

1. Big and Small (M. Alvarez)

2. I'm Gonna Send My Love In (M. Alvarez)

Available at all major streaming services, Spotify

YouTube, Amazon MP3......


Max and the Makeups Vinyl LP and Digital Download Available

(see below)


In 2016, Puke n Vomit Records of Fullerton California released a 10-song, full length LP titled "Chasing the Monsters" (The title track song written by Larry Seaman of The Standing Waves). The LP is now available both on vinyl and digital streaming at CD Baby.  The LP is available digitally at all major digital outlets iTunes, Spotify, Amazon MP3 and more.

"Chasing the Monsters" marks the second Makeups release on Puke N Vomit Records.  In 2010, Puke n Vomit released a self titled, 4-song ep

Click HERE to order vinyl at Puke n Vomit Records

Click HERE to order from Discogs

Click HERE for digital download at Spotify

Click HERE to order from iTunes

News and Events


The Pig N Whistle Show Review

This Pig N Whistle show May 11, 2018 was a gas. Drummer Bill Dumas was in from the East Coast and Josh Cobos, longtime friend, got up and joined the show with a 3 song ending along with Mike Alvarez and Matt Jansky.


Mike Alvarez (left), Josh Cobos (right)


Bill Dumas (left), Matt Jansky (right)


A highlight of the evening was the performance of Hamburg, Germany musician Deniz Tiziana Eigen

Deniz Tiziana Eigen

Not Records Tapes head, producer musician Mike Alvarez later recorded a 4-song demo for Deniz on the Santa Monica Beach.  

Mike Alvarez and Friends at Pig n Whistle

Friday May 11, 2018


Mike Alvarez and his long-time band mates Bill Dumas and Matt Jansky, play Pig and Whistle Friday May 11 at 9PM. The Pig N Whistle is located at 6714 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood, CA. Cover: $10 (all ages).

Parking: Street and Hollywood/Highland parking structure near. Also, public parking lots available one block south of the Pig N Whistle. Great food, reasonable prices.




               Bill Dumas (left), Mike Alvarez (center), Matt Jansky (right)



Urbel Gleezoo Master

Finally Available



Urbel Gleezoo


                                  Art by Schuyler Hupp

Well, it took a while, but the John Lusitana mastering of the Urbel Gleezoo sessions is here for your listening.

Urbel Gleezoo, featuring Lisa Gamache, Mike Alvarez, Matt Jansky and Bill Dumas, completed work on the experimental project/LP "Urbel Gleezoo" in early 2014.  Nine songs were tracked and were available only on iTunes briefly until now.

What started out as a test session using the Pro Tools set up sent to Alvarez by Jonie Hell turned into an albums' worth of material two years later. 

Alvarez brought the song "Play on Birds" to his interview with Brian Parrish at San Antonio College's Casbah Radio during his 2012 Summer Tour (see below).  "I was surprised Brian played this wild stuff, and we talked about the sessions that were going on at the time.  The songs kept on coming.

"Urbel Gleezoo means absolutely nothing. It was just a thought but it works with the music", says Alvarez. 

Regarding the sitar tabla interludes, Not Records Tapes' head Mike Alvarez and Schuyler Hupp recorded American sitar master Stephen Slawek and tabla master Swapan Chaudhuri at the University of Texas in 1986. "I let Steve and Swapan know this stuff would eventually be on this recording", says Alvarez.

Click on songs to listen for free.  Purchase not available at this time.

Sitar Intro

  1. Apocolypta (M. Alvarez-L. Gamache)
  2. Snow White Sand (M. Alvarez-M. Jansky)
  3. Children Living in Hell (M. Alvarez-M. Jansky)
  4. KRIFF (M. Alvarez-M. Jansky)
  5. Five to Five (M. Alvarez-M. Jansky)
  6. Play on Birds (M. Alvarez-M. Jansky)
  7. Head Up (M. Alvarez)
  8. Automatic (M. Alvarez-L. Gamache)
  9. General Fog (M. Alvarez)
  10. Sitar Close




Mike Alvarez and the Cricket Eaters Live LP at Anti Club 1997

Coming Soon!


Mike Alvarez Birthday Recording (2017)



Click the song title above to hear the tune

Here's how you write songs when you are either

lazy, or just know you can lay something down.

OK, I didn't play a live event at Pig N Whistle

Hollywood this year - had nothing new to offer,

really.  But...

Matthew invited Bill Dumas and I over for a sorta

birthday session for me - my birthday was April

27th (the same day President Nixon was buried

and the same day Ulysses S. Grant died) A very

presidential day.  My dad was born on 4/20....

I dug through my lyrics folder and found some

title I named "None".  Pulled a couple sentences

out of the sheet, asked Matt what else can I

write about.  Matt said something about never

leaving the house and I took it from there -

recalling the story of a dove that hung around

Matt and Barbara's house.  So the story about

the birdy is in there.

Bill came over with his what I call "garbage can" and laid

down these drum tracks.  He knows how to use it. Zip the

dog confirms.

Looks like Matt Jansky is playing acoustic

guitar - but he's actually playing bass. Using

an octave divider (that's what it was called

in the 70s, Robin Trower, etc.) to lay a low

bass tone.


Puke N Vomit Releases Max and the Makeups Vinyl LP (2015)


Puke n Vomit Records of Fullerton California has released a 10-song, full length Vinyl LP titled "Chasing the Monsters" (the title track song written by Larry Seaman of the Standing Waves).

This marks the second Makeups release on Puke N Vomit Records.  In 2010, the label released a 4-song ep (see below).


80s Max and the Makeups releases first record 26 years after the band's demise




Orange County's Puke N Vomit Records found Max and the Makeups music here at Not Records Tapes and asked "Why hasn't this band ever been released?"  Puke N Vomit has released a 4-song ep with the songs Poland, Day In Day Out, 60-Minute Man, and Let Go.  Click below to listen to MP3 recordings of the songs and all of Max and the Makeups major studio works.

Max and the Makeups is back row, left to right:  Max Gottlieb, Mike Alvarez, Lisa Gamache.  Bottom row, left to right: Jon Howard (a.k.a. Jonie Hell), and the late Karl Remstam.  Photo by Kevin Smith.

To order disc, click Discogs or Puke N Vomit Records


See Max and the Makeups video and photos from 2010 Summer California Mini Tour

Click Here

Max and the Makeups' Lisa Gamache and Mike Alvarez revved up for a West Coast mini-tour this past summer.  The group's first show in over 25 years was at the Riff Haus in Fullerton California.  The following day, the group performed at a house gig near UC Santa Barbara. Also filling in for the group's original members:  Matt Jansky (rhythm guitar), Bill Dumas (drums) and Schuyler Hupp (bass guitar).

A follow-up LP with Puke N Vomit Records is in the talking stages.




Ken Jones News



Ken Jones Records "Where Have All the Flowers Gone" (Daisy's Song).

Ken Jones recording vocal tracks - Los Angeles

Matt Jansky arranged the Ken Jones song "Where Have All the Flowers Gone" with Matt on bass and rhythm guitar, Bill Dumas on percussion, and Mike Alvarez on lead guitar.

Click here to listen.


Mike Alvarez , Ken Jones performs at Pig N Whistle, Friday Sept 26, 2014, 9PM




Mike Alvarez – Bizmeaux Studios                 Kelly Shoenholz (2014)

Sessions. Austin , TX (2006)


Mike Alvarez will be performing a short set, acoustic solo, this Friday at 9:30PM at the Pig N Whistle in Hollywood . Alvarez will be following long-time friend/songwriting collaborator/poet Ken Jones' set that starts at 9PM . Ken will be playing a 30 minute set promoting his new works “Face of the Apocalypse”.


The Pig N Whistle

6714 Hollywood Blvd. , Hollywood , CA .

Phone (323) 463-0000

Cover: $5 (All Ages)


Parking: Best place to park – There is a public parking lot one block south of the P n W. Hollywood Highland parking is close. Street parking possible. P n W is a great place to dine – and prices are great for the quality of food served. Make it a night.


Mike Alvarez 2010 ep "Yes It's Good"

"Yes It's Good".      Art by Angela Duncan

In 2014, the single "Yes It's Good", from the 2010 Mike Alvarez EP of the same name, has been released on iTunes. 

In 2010, Mike Alvarez recorded the 4-song EP titled "Yes It's Good". All four songs are available for free down load.  Click here

Featured guest artists include Lisa Gamache & Jonie Hell from Max & The Makeups, Ron Schafer (F.Y.C.K.) and Schuyler Hupp.  Cover art by Angela Duncan



View and Listen to Mike Alvarez 2012 Tour Dates Performances


Hollywood, CA

April 27

Pig N Whistle

click here to view

live footage

San Antonio, TX

July 7

7:30PM - Live on Casbah Radio

click here to listen to July 7 pod cast

10:30PM - Moses Roses Hideout

click here to view live club performance

Woodshock Minister of Logic Robert Baylis, Saustex Media/head

Hickoids Jeff Smith and Mike Alvarez in the smoking section at Moses

Roses. Photo by Gina Evins.

Austin, TX

July 8

Antone's Record Store

In Store Performance

with Mike Buck on snare drum


click here to view Alvarez and Buck's in-store video footage performance of Danny Kirwan's "Jewel Eyed Judy"

click here to view Alvarez performing the Alvarez-Jones song "The Gospel Song"

click here to view Alvarez performing the Alvarez-Jones song "The Bridge"


click on the blue songs below to listen

1. Heart Beat (Buddy Holly)

2. Hungry For Your Love (Roky Erickson)

3. Rebecca Take Me Away (M. Alvarez, K. Jones)

4. One Together (Jeremy Spencer)

5. Jewel Eyed Judy (Danny Kirwan)

6. Love (M. Alvarez)

Indy music God Larry Seaman and Mike Alvarez at

Antone's Record Store.

Portland, OR

July 11

Plews Brews

with Mike Jensen on jug

click here to listen to "Tell Me" with John Paraday joining on the juice harp

Mike Jensen (left), Mike Alvarez (center) jam with Dan Cook and The Palavers at Plews Brews, Portland, OR July 11.


Mike Alvarez Records Aimee Lane

                      Aimee Lane at Antone's Record Store July 8, 2012. Photo

                      by Mike Buck


While in Austin performing at Antone's Record Store, producer musician Mike Alvarez had Aimee Lane jump up and play at the suggestion of store owner, drummer Mike Buck.  Alvarez recorded some demo material for Aimee the next day.  Click on the track below.

1. Snake Charmer

2. What The Hell Are These Holes 

3. Buzz

4. Too Much Time on my Hands

All songs ©Aimee Lane Music (ASCAP)


Mike Alvarez Hits the Road in July


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE           July 1, 2012


Mike Alvarez Mini Tour Continues with Shows in Three Cities in July

Mike Alvarez continues his “Songs of Influence Tour” which began on his birthday April 27th , at Hollywood's Pig N Whistle. You can view the You Tube footage of Alvarez's performance of Buddy Holly's ‘Heart Beat” and Roky Erickson's “Hungry for Your Love” at and at You Tube click here


Austin native Alvarez has been writing and performing his Texas psychedelic rock songs since the 1970s. A former collaborator with Thirteenth Floor Elevators' icon Roky Erickson, Alvarez has carried on that psychedelic tradition that began in the 1960s, adding his own L. A. Influence to the Texas acid rock-driven sound. A filmmaker as well as songwriter, he performed with Erickson in the 1984 documentary Demon Angel - A Day and Night with Roky Erickson. Alvarez later produced an updated version of the film and soundtrack in 1994 that was released on Amsterdamned Records.


His current tour, which he calls “Songs of Influence,” began in April at Hollywood's Pig N Whistle. YouTube video footage of Alvarez's performance of Buddy Holly's ‘Heart Beat” and Roky Erickson's “Hungry for Your Love” from that show can be viewed on YouTube and

The songs of influence are artists that influenced Alvarez, artists that were heavily influenced by the great Buddy Holly. In addition to original Alvarez material, he will cover Buddy's “Heart Beat” and songs by artists Roky Erickson, Danny Kirwan and Jeremy Spencer of the blues era Fleetwood Mac.


In Portland, Alvarez will share the stage at Plews with The Palavers, a Portland band with a play list ranging from originals by band members Greene Lawson and Dan Cook to songs by Robbie Robertson, Woody Guthrie, Neil Young, The Grateful Dead, Gene Clarke, the Band and Bob Dylan. Cook and Alvarez describe themselves as “old L.A. hangin' out buddies” who previously collaborated in a Roky Erickson tribute band.


July Tour Dates:

Saturday, July 7, 7PM

Live on Casbah Radio ( KSYM 90.1 San Antonio, TX)

Broadcasting online at


Saturday, July 7, 10PM

Moses Roses Hideout

518 E. Houston St.

San Antonio, TX 78205

(210) 775-1808

It will be a great Saturday night at Moses Rose's Hideout as two of San Antonio 's faves Snowbyrd and The In & Outlaws are joined by out of town amigos Mike Alvarez ( Los Angeles ) and Misty White ( Memphis ). Mike is a Rio Grande Valley native who played in Austin band Max & The Makeups, produced Roky Erickson and Daniel Johnston (among others) and has continued to play and record over the past thirty years or so. Misty White is a one of a kind off the wall songstress who was in seminal Memphis riot-girl out the Hellcats and has also played drums with Tav Falco, Townes Van Zandt and others. DJ EPSR will spin between sets. Be there.


Sunday, July 8, 3PM

Antone's Record Store

2928 Guadalupe St., #101

Austin, TX 78705

(512) 322-0660


Wednesday, July 11, 10PM

Plews Brews

8409 N. Lombard

Portland, OR 97203

(503) 283-2243



"Ken Jones' Subpoena: Witness an Empire's Decay "is now available at CD Baby

click here    



                      Ken Jones' Subpoena:  Witness an Empires Decay (lp)

Peace Corps "Pastures of Plenty" Released on Not Records Tapes

Late 80's Austin post punk Peace Corps have remastered their 1989 album Pastures of Plenty for release on Not Records Tapes.

Click Here For Product Information


Urbel Gleezoo News


Urbel Gleezoo.  Art by Schuyler Hupp

Early Urbel Gleezoo cut airs on San Antonio College's Casbah Radio

Urbel Gleezoo's "Play on Birds" debuts on Brian Parrish's Casbah Radio.  Click here to go to Casbah Radio.

Odd News

Ambrosiedies and the Guardian of the Guitar from Hell music tracks released here on NRT

                                            Edgar Allan Poe       

Beginning on Christmas day 1985, this experiment by Mike Alvarez on guitar and the late Charles Gunning on vocals eventually yielded three songs based on a fictional story by Alvarez and Gunning. They titled the musical adventure and tale Ambrosiedies and the Guardian of the Guitar from Hell.  The songs, Hymn For Morella, Andromeda Woman and The Lady's From Hades, weave an imaginary tale of guardian angels.  Hymn for Morella is the Edgar Allan Poe poem written after the passing of Poe's wife Morella.  

Click on song title below for free MP3 downloading and listening. Other songs coming as soon as we can find them!

Hymn For Morella

Words by Edgar Allan Poe.  Charles Gunning on voice. Mike Alvarez on guitars. Mike Jensen on drums. 




















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