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Sounds of Everywhere...

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Head Shop - Sounds of Everywhere

Mike Alvarez: Guitars and vocals

Matt Jansky:  Guitars and vocals

Bill Dumas:  Drums, percussion, backup vocals

Joe Gilroy: Bass, Vocals on "stopyourbellyachin"

Recorded in Bill's garage in 2001. 

Mixed by Derek Vanderhorst.

Produced by Mike Alvarez and Matt Jansky

for Not Records Tapes, Los Angeles, CA.

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1. Top of My Line (Mike Alvarez/Ken Jones) 3:11
2. Prairie Rose (Mike Alvarez/Carlton Buck) 3:15
3. Don't Fall Down (Roky Erickson/Tommy Hall) 2:54
4. The Bridge (Mike Alvarez/Ken Jones) 1:39
5. Unbeing House (Mike Alvarez) 4:12
6. All Day All Night (Mike Alvarez) 2:07
7. I'll Come For You (Matt Jansky) 3:23
8. Love (Mike Alvarez) 5:25
9. stopyourbellyachin' (Joe Gilroy) 0:20


Click HERE to view video Don't Fall Down

Produced and directed by Mike Alvarez

Don't panic: Psychedelic rock is alive and well in the 21 st century.   You don't have to explain that to lead guitarist and vocalist, Mike Alvarez, who is also the founder of the renegade indy label Not Records Tapes.   Even in the '80s, when Mike's band Max and the Makeups was opening for such acts as Oingo Boingo, Snakefinger and Sparks, he was weaving wild, hypnotic sounds into the band's new wave roots.   Which isn't surprising, considering how long Alvarez would later work creatively with Roky Erickson, co-founder of the seminal '60s psychedelic band The 13th Floor Elevators.   Mike was also an important influence in Austin rock 'n roll, and before he moved to L.A., he figured heavily in producing several well-known Austin bands and promoting and organizing the famous Woodshock music festivals in Texas between the years 1983 and 1987.


At the same time on the other side of the country, rhythm guitarist Matt Jansky and drummer Bill Dumas were moving in a similar direction, playing in the psychedelic punk band Vacant Lot.   Bill founded Vinyl Siding Records, and Vacant Lot's "Athena" was the first cut on "A" side of The Towers of New London, the best-selling album by any Connecticut label at the time.   But after their vocalist committed suicide, Bill and Matt lost touch as they branched out into composing and producing.   Bill continued with several successful releases for Vinyl Siding, and Matt turned his energies to writing soundtracks for experimental films, industrials and educational videos.  


When Matt had earned enough cash to get out of New York, he moved to L.A. and bought a house with his girlfriend in the Hollywood Hills.   He had no idea that Bill was living right down the road, less than five minutes away, until they ran into each other at a local video store.   Bill immediately introduced Matt to Mike, a longtime collaborator of Bill's on a variety of music and film projects.   After the first time the three of them jammed, it was pretty clear that they had to play live, and had to record.  


But they also had to find a bass player, and they were very lucky that singer-songwriter Joe Gilroy was available.   Joe was earning his living playing in cover bands on Catalina Island, but he rarely had a chance to help develop original material.   But after he jammed with the other guys, they assured him that this situation was about to change.   Bill soundproofed a shed in his backyard, and tape started rolling.   Naturally, Bill's dorky, conservative neighbors raised hell, and his landlord made Bill demolish the studio--by himself, with a sledgehammer.   But not before HS finished recording the tracks for their debut CD, Sounds of Everywhere.   Alvarez also produced a music video for the HS project, "Don't Fall Down," a cover of the Elevators song by the same name.   For several years during the early 2000s, the band played at clubs such as Moondog Café, The Joint, The Cat Club, The Rainbow Bar & Grill and several other clubs in Southern California.



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